Should You Hire a Videographer?

        One of the biggest regrets I hear from brides is that they didn’t hire a wedding videographer. Ok granted we might be a bit

        biased here :) but please read these well written articles:




        Honestly, it’s next to impossible for you to remember all of the little details. I can't tell you how many times a bride told me after

        the wedding how FAST the day went by, it was just a blur & watching the wedding video is the only way they have to relive the

        day... they literally watch it over and over! Personally I also love photography, it's great a great way to freeze a moment in time -

        but an amazing picture will not capture all the magic of the day, the little (or even the big) details like video can. The laughs,

        the tears, all the emotions and heartfelt things that are said, and especially YOUR VOWS! 10 years down the road you want to

        be able to share with your kids & relive that special day, and to see AND hear all that happened.

        To quote one of my brides:

        "For all of you that do not understand the importance of a video, just remember this is the most special and important day of your

         life. It goes by in a flash, you will remember nothing, and one day your children will watch this video."


        All this cannot be captured by a still image…that's why you need both.

   Are you insured?

        Yes we are. Trinity Wedding Productions carries 2,000,000 liability insurance.

   How many weddings do you film per year?

        We consider ourselves a 'boutique' film company. Your wedding day is one of a kind & we treat it as such. We will NEVER

        double book a day. We try to keep the total number of weddings under 25 per year to ensure we give your film the attention

        it deserves. 

   How long does it take to get my film?

        Generally we will try and have the "Trailer" for you to share with family and friends within a month. The full Blu-Rays/DVD's

        take a little longer usually 3 months but no longer than 6 months.

   Can you do ‘Same Day Edits’?

        Yes, it's a great way to share the special moments of earlier in the day with your guests! We typically edit the footage during

        cocktail hour & show it on the venues A/V system (Many DJs and wedding reception venues now offer this amenity) - we do

        not provide a way to view or hear the film but since we are a full production facility special arrangements can be made for

        screens/projectors/PA systems at additional costs. Our basic same day edit would be shown on one of our laptops and displayed

        throughout the reception.

   Who picks the music?

        Our brides usually have enough things to worry about & leave the creative process to us but if you have a special request let us

        know. Most of us here are also musicians so song choice is very important - Honestly picking just the right song sometimes is

        the hardest part!

      See what some of our brides have to say:

        "He incorporated all of our favorite and special songs from the night, and the band we had play as well. I couldn't have imagined    

        them to be any more perfect or reflect who we are any better."

        "I let them take creative control of the video's outcome, my opinion is that creative people work best when they understand your

        style but can fuse in theirs. I was BLOWN away with the final production. When the groom is in tears, you know its a great video!!"


   I have another question?

        Please feel free to call us with any other questions you may have at 732-800-2WED.


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