Remax’s 7th Annual Raising the Stakes for a Miracle 7

Tara & Jason’s Trailer

Children’s Specialized Hospital

Kerri & Jeff’s Slo-Mo Video Booth

Alicia & Ron’s Slo-Mo Video Booth

Tara & Jason’s Slo-Mo Video Booth

A different take on the traditional photo booth. A FUN way to create a video scrap book & remember the best day of your life!

“Tiny Dancer” - Stacey & Chris’ Trailer (Signature Series)

“Tiny Dancer” - Stacey & Chris’ Feature Film (Signature Series)

“Lift Me Up” - Lisa & Pat’s Feature Film (Signature Series)

“Lift Me Up” - Lisa & Pat’s Trailer (Signature Series)


Petey & Heather - Rockin’ at Midnight (Artist Series)

Petey & Heather - 1st Dance (Artist Series)

Petey & Heather - Getting Ready (Artist Series)

Petey & Heather - The Trailer (Artist Series)

Joe & Tanya - The Reception (Artist Series)

Joe & Tanya - The Church (Artist Series)

Joe & the Guys (Artist Series)

Tanya & the Girls (Artist Series)

Joe & Tanya - Trailer (Artist Series)


Alex & Tonia - Highlight Film

Petey & Heather - Reception and Vows (Artist Series)

Alicia & Ron’s Trailer